5 Habits You Should Change When Using Social Media Apps

guy checking his social media apps

Remember when you signed up for your first social media profile? Back then, people have a different approach to social networking apps. The virtual world is just starting out and people are not yet sure as to what social media is all about.

Cut to modern times, people are very much aware of social media apps and is even considered as a necessity. If you tell someone that you don’t have a social networking profile, people will think you’re lying or a weirdo.

Suddenly, social media became a channel for our footprints. By looking at someone’s account, you can learn about his/her interests and whereabouts in a matter of minutes.

With this modern approach to social media apps, people should also improve their habits on these platforms. Here are the 5 social media habits that you should be changing:

5 Habits You Should Change When Using Social Media Apps for 2020

#1: Reckless Posting

Your profile is personal, so it’s normal to post anything you want. But before posting anything on your profile, be aware that social media accounts are now being used for background checks particularly with companies.

So before clicking that ‘post’ button, think if the post is offensive to certain groups or will give you the wrong impression to professional colleagues.

#2: Feeding the Trolls

If you ever stumbled a post or comment that’s ridiculously offensive, take a deep breath and report the user or the post. Don’t feed these social media trolls as their purpose is to trigger people so if they got your attention, they already won.

#3: Sharing Posts Without Fact-Checking

People nowadays are mastering the art of clickbait. Some of them will even spread false information for the sake of likes and followers. So if you ever stumbled upon an intriguing photo, post, or news article, do take some few minutes to google it. In this way, you could inform the public in a proper way.

#4: No Extra Measures When Securing Your Account

With different privacy issues happening to social media apps, users should be wary of the way they secure their social apps. Instead of using generic passwords and using them on all of your social media apps, opt for stronger passwords and use different passcodes for different platforms. Also, you can use a reliable password manager to manage your codes.

#5: Not Trying Out Social Media Apps

Making new accounts for different social media apps can be tiring. But you could be missing out on some new social media gems such as EyesUP. Some apps are now bringing a different approach and are now catering to their users’ needs, instead of making random features.

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