Is EyesUP is the Best Facebook Alternative App this 2019?

facebook alternative eyesup

With different controversies surrounding Facebook these past months, it’s normal for people to seek a facebook alternative app that could bring them more security when it comes to their data.

Aside from security, social networking platforms have been all over the place lately. They are adding features that they consider would add value to the app. Little did they know, they’re just bringing in gimmicky features that could negatively affect the user experience.

They don’t have a problem finding one though, as various facebook alternatives are available on the internet. One of which is a new social media app that aims to bring simplicity to the table, and is now considered the hottest facebook alternative app this year.

EyesUP is the latest social media app that aims to bring the basics of social media. It focuses on social media’s main purpose– and that is to connect and be social.

What Makes EyesUP The Best Facebook Alternative App | Features

Here are some of the highlighted features of EyesUP– what makes this app the best facebook alternative this year:

Upload up to 6 Profile Pictures

Unlike other social networking platforms, you can upload up to 6 photos as your profile picture. No need to have a hard time deciding on your profile photo since you can show them all.

Express Yourself with a Lengthy Bio

At EyesUP, everyone has a unique way of expressing themselves and telling their stories. With this, EyesUP has an about section where users can express themselves– no forms needed.

Gain Friends and Followers with Photo and Video Sharing

This facebook alternative app features photo sharing and video sharing features, so whether you love posting portraits or you’re more into vlogging, EyesUP has got it covered for you.

Fair Algorithm

EyesUP ensures that every user is visible on the discover tab. Social media feeds are also arranged in chronological order, ensuring everyone gets to see the updates of the users they’re following.

Meet New People Nearby

Want to meet new friends within your area? Check the nearby tab! It allows users to see which EyesUP users are within their vicinity. Who knows? You could end up having a coffee date with someone you discovered from this feature.

Seamless Messaging Through App’s Messenger

Get high-quality messenger features such as free call and text, secure chat, video call, and group chat. Compared to other social media platforms, no need to download a separate messenger just to get these features. Your messages won’t be limited to text only– send multimedia messages such as photos or videos.

Users Can Request Features

Saw a messenger or video calling feature that you would want to include on EyesUP? Want to add messenger features such as gifs or stickers? You can submit a feature request or vote the existing requests that you like. Just look for the ‘Feature Request’ option on the Settings Section.

How To Sign Up on Facebook Alternative App EyesUP

  1. Install the social network and messenger app here on the Play Store or App Store.
  2. Open EyesUP on your device and enter your mobile number.
  3. Wait for the 4-Digit code to be sent via SMS.
  4. Type in the code.
  5. A one-time password will auto-fill and complete your registration.
  6. Provide your first and last name together with your phone number for identity verification.
  7. Set a password and choose your unique EyesUP ID. And you’re done!

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