8 Ways to Have Meaningful Conversations Online | Messenger Tips

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Messenger apps are the easiest route to connect with someone. In just a few clicks, you get updated with your partner, high school friends, former coworkers, etc. You also get to meet new friends with these social networking apps, which is good for introverts and for those who are simply too busy to go out.

But for people to successfully gain connections, one must know how to bring in meaningful online conversations to the table. You can’t simply send some short messages with emojis and call it a day.

With that, here are 8 ways to have meaningful conversations through your messenger or social chat app. By using these simple techniques, you’ll improve the way you converse to people online and make new friends nearby or abroad.

8 Ways to Have Meaningful Conversations Online

#1: Listen

As they always say, the best people to talk to are the ones who listen. This doesn’t mean you don’t pinch in any information in the chat. It only means that if someone is sharing a story, show that you care. Don’t interrupt their story and slide in the meme that you saw. Show that you’re interested in what he/she has to say.

#2: Express Yourself Openly and Honestly

Even if you’re talking to each other virtually, one can still feel if you’re being authentic or not. The more genuine you are, the more chances people will open up to you.

#3: Don’t Ignore the Minor Details

Let’s say you’re talking to a crush and she just told you that she loves coffee since her father’s a barista. It might be a simple statement but you can use those minor details as a conversation starter. You can ask her about her father’s work and how she loved coffee because of that.

#4: Ask Questions

Asking someone questions will keep the conversation going and will also show that you’re interested in chatting him /her. This will make the recipient more responsive to your messages.

#5: Give Longer Answers

If someone’s asking you about something, it doesn’t hurt to share a brief back story about it. Let’s say someone messaged you about your favorite movie, don’t just tell the title, you can also share its premise or why you love it.

#6: Stay on Current Events

If you’re done with the usual small-talk topics and you feel like you’re both stuck on what to chat about, you can go for current events. It doesn’t have to political nor about the latest gossip, it could be a piece of news that might interest both of you.

#7: Be Careful with Jokes

Especially if you haven’t met the person in real-life yet, be careful with the jokes or memes that you’re sharing with him/her. Go for wholesome jokes as the person might get offended if you share something else, thus ruining your chances of chatting with this person.

#8: Avoid Too Many Slangs

It’s okay to be casual and ‘hip’ when chatting on messenger. But try to message the person in the same you’ll be talking in real life. You obviously won’t mention YOLO, LOL or Shook right? With slangs, just keep it light and fun.

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