7 Fun Photo Ideas to Post on Photo Sharing Platforms

man taking shot for photo sharing app

One of the most used social apps right now is photo sharing platforms. People love visuals, that’s why these types of sites and apps are popular.

With that, you wanted to try a photo sharing app. You created your own account. Filled up the details. Thought of a simple and witty social media bio. After that, you followed a few friends and acquaintances.

The only thing you need to do now is to post content. And maybe in that area, you’re stuck. You might be wondering what type of content should you post. Are selfies okay? Are travel photos too cliche?

Well, we’re here to help you with those ideas. Ensure to get a lot of likes and followers with these photo ideas.

7 Photo Ideas to Post on Photo Sharing Platforms

Here’s a quick rundown of the photo ideas. If you want a full discussion, scroll down for more.

  • Something That Shows Your Talent
  • Portraits
  • Reviews
  • Mundane Entries
  • Events
  • Travel Photos
  • Something Unique

Something That Shows Your Talent

Got talent in singing? Dancing? Painting? Show it off! You deserve to be seen by the world. Not only this will give you clout and friends, but you’ll also get more chances for opportunities.


It’s a thing now on social media platforms. People love to have their shots taken by amateur or professional photographers. If you had some shots yourself, share it. Express yourself and showcase your looks all at the same time.


Liked the restaurant you went to? Want to recommend an affordable toner? You can also share your insights. This will also give a glimpse of your likes and dislikes. Who knows? You could even get a brand partnership from this.

Mundane Entries

Relatability is the key. There’s nothing wrong with sharing your commuting struggles, concerns about #adulting and all those mundane stuff that everyone’s experiencing with.


Went to a concert, workshop or party? Share your experience. Someone might message you on the messenger who attended the event– got yourself a new friend for that.

Travel Photos

Show your wanderlust side. Share your adventures and let the people now how open you are to new experiences. Connections might invite you as well!

Something Unique

Honestly, it’s your social networking profile. It’s up to you on what you should post on photo sharing apps. As long as you express yourself and you’re not hurting anybody, go ahead and share that post.

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