5 Tips to Respond Effectively on Social Media Comments

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Whether you’re a casual user, a social media influencer, or a social media manager for a business, you would all agree that comments are one of the most essential yet overlooked aspects of social media.

It drives engagement, discussions, and sometimes it makes a post go trending.

There are some social networking posts that didn’t go viral because of the actual post, but because of the comments within the post. That just shows how powerful social media comments can be.

But along with the benefits of social media comments, it can also bring headaches when trolling or negative comments start pestering on your posts.

With this, here are some tips when responding to different types of comments. This applies mostly to social media influencers and businesses, but casual users can also consider these tips.

5 Tips to Respond Effectively on Social Media Comments

Here’s a quick rundown of the tips. For further discussion, scroll down for more.

  • Establish House Rules
  • Have a Consistent Tone
  • Be Creative
  • Go for some Humor
  • Use Social Media Tools

Establish House Rules

To save time filtering out comments, establish house rules for your page or profile. In that way, users are aware of what to comment on and not to comment on. If you prefer serious replies only, put it under the rule. If you don’t want any form of self-promotion, include it as well.

Have a Consistent Tone

When replying, find a distinct and consistent tone. If you’re running a humor social media profile, nobody is expecting serious replies in there. Also, be consistent with the information you’re giving out. Your reputation might get ruined if you’re sending inconsistent replies to your followers.

Be Creative

Aside from simple text comments, you can spice it up with emojis, gifs, images, and other non-text comments. As long as you don’t overdo it, replying visual will bring favorable results.

Go for Some Humor

Same with visual replies, as long as you don’t overdo the jokes, you’ll be fine replying with a bit of humor. Also, this varies on the post and the brand of your profile. If your brand is more on giving out information and has a serious tone to it, don’t just whip out some meme reply. You might get unapproving remarks after that.

Use Social Media Tools

If you’re an already established influencer, or you’re a social media manager for a known company, it’s normal to have some posts and your messenger be flooded with comments. With this, you can use some social media tools like Hootsuite, Mention, and Talkwalker Alerts that allow you to monitor, reply, and flag comments without manually checking on the posts.

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