5 Types of Photos You Shouldn’t Post on Social Media

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When trying to make friends online, it’s normal to be active on social media.

After all, that’s the most convenient way of connecting with someone. This is why when meeting someone new, the first thing you do afterward is to add each other on social media, so you can continue being connected.

With this, your social media profile should show a good yet truthful representation of yourself. Leave a great first impression not just to friends, but to relatives and work colleagues as well.

If you want to achieve that, check if you have these 5 types of photos on your social media account. If you have photo like these, delete it as soon as possible, and if you don’t have any of these, then avoid posting it.

5 Types of Photos You Shouldn’t Post on Social Media

Below is a quick rundown of photos that you shouldn’t post online. For an in-depth discussion, scroll down for more.

  • Offensive Content
  • Candid Shots (Without Subject’s Permission)
  • Someone Else’s Photos
  • Drunken Shots
  • Money

Offensive Content

Photos that include cultural appropriation, hate speech, and racist signs shouldn’t be uploaded. Even if you didn’t mean those remarks, it’s better to not post or delete the photos. Struggles from minorities should be taken seriously and not some joke.

Awkward Candid Shots (Without Subject’s Permission)

Taking candid shots can bring out beautiful pictures. But before uploading to social media, it’s important to ask the subjects (if you know them) if they’re okay with it. This will avoid any unnecessary online drama.

Someone Else’s Photos

Here’s the thing: posting somebody’s photos and claiming it’s yours is stealing. Don’t do it, especially with artworks.

There are several issues about an online celebrity before, posting his “artworks”, only to find out that he’s stealing those pictures. With just a few messenger screenshots ‘exposing’ him, his reputation got tainted. His Facebook fans then canceled him and he’s no longer as famous as he was before.

So before your friends and family cancel you out, don’t steal anyone’s photo.

Drunken Shots

It may be harmless fun, but photos taken from bars and parties may be pretty embarrassing. People might get the wrong impression if you have drunk photos floating around your profile.

Also, imagine a new acquaintance seeing you dance with men while chugging shots of vodka. Is that the type of content you would want people to see?

If your drunken photos are tagged photos, you can ask your friend to untag you or delete those images.


Posting photos of money is a form of bragging, and you don’t wanna be associated with that. It can also bring danger to you as scammers are just lurking around social media platforms.

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