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Is EyesUP is the Best Facebook Alternative App this 2019?

With different controversies surrounding Facebook these past months, it’s normal for people to seek a facebook alternative app that could bring them more security when it comes to their data.

Aside from security, social networking platforms have been all over the place lately. They are adding features that they consider would add value to the app. Little did they know, they’re just bringing in gimmicky features that could negatively affect the user experience.

They don’t have a problem finding one though, as various facebook alternatives are available on the internet. One of which is a new social media app that aims to bring simplicity to the table, and is now considered the hottest facebook alternative app this year.

EyesUP is the latest social media app that aims to bring the basics of social media. It focuses on social media’s main purpose– and that is to connect and be social.

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